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Dr. Turin Chowdhury

Dr. Turin Tanvir Chowdhury is the Scholarship Director and Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine. He also holds an joint appointment in the Department of Community Health Sciences. He is a Health Services Researcher with a focus on Chronic Disease Epidemiology.

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Turin joined the University of Calgary as faculty member in September 2012 as an Assistant Professor supported by the Roy and Vi Baay Chair. Then he moved to the Department of Family Medicine in July 2014.




Dr. Turin has received training in medicine, population and public health, epidemiology and health services research. He trained and worked as a physician in Bangladesh. He received his Masters in 2005 from Karolinska Institute, Sweden and his PhD in 2008 from Shiga Medical University, Japan. After finishing a Postdoctoral Fellowship from Japan Science of Promotion of Sciences (JSPS), he moved to University of Calgary in 2010 to pursue another Postdoctoral Fellowship with The Interdisciplinary Chronic Disease Collaboration (ICDC). He also acquired fellowship awards from the Canadian Health Research Institute (CIHR) and the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA). 


His current research work includes mitigation of barriers to health care and reducing the unmet health needs faced by the immigrant communities.


He leads this program of research through the approach of Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) and Integrated Knowledge Translation (iKT) where Meaningful Community Engagement is at the core.


Dr. Turin's primary research interests are challenges in access to care and unmet needs faced by the socially vulnerable population of the society, including new immigrants, refugees, and ethnic communities. He leads his program of research through the approach of Community Based Participatory Research and Integrated Knowledge Translation where efforts for Meaningful Community Engagement is at the core. Dr. Turin has been highly productive and has published more than 280 scholarly / academic publications including research manuscripts, conference proceedings, and book/book-chapters. He draws upon the background as a clinician with a diverse set of research methodological skills and multidisciplinary experience and has been involved in research collaborations both nationally and internationally. Dr. Turin supervises graduate and undergraduate students on topics directly related to his research program.


Research Interests: 

  1. Immigrant  / Refugee  / Ethnic Health
  2. Community Engagement / Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) / Integrated Knowledge Translation (iKT)
  3. Social media as a platform for Knowledge Translation / Health education / Health Promotion / Community Outreach.
  4. Bibliometric Analysis  / Research Productivity  / Faculty Development.
  5. Epidemiology: change in risk factor over time, rate of change, magnitude of variability.
  6. Risk Projection: algorithm development, prediction models, lifetime risk, life Expectancy, health adjusted life years.
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