Terrence McDonald

Terrence McDonald

Terrence McDonald
MD, MSc, CCFP (SEM), FCFP, Dip. Sport Med.


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Research Areas

Family Physician Practice Patterns, Health System Utilization and Patient Health Outcomes

This is a multi-phase program of health services research exploring the patterns of practice for community family physicians in Alberta. This work has several objectives that aim to explore the relationship between daily patient visit volume, the level of provider continuity and health system utilization and patient health outcomes. We plan to better understand the variation in practice including the ordering laboratory tests diagnostic imaging and antibiotic prescribing among community family physicians.  


Time Modifier Fee For Service Billing Code - An Interrupted Time Series

We conducted an interrupted time series analysis on the implementation and a time-modifier fee-for-service code and its use by family physicians in Alberta.  Our analysis shows reduced rates of emergency after the code was implemented.  We will model provider-uptake of the code and explore the impact on health system costs.

CLICK HERE to listen to Dr. Terry McDonald speaking about the link between Time Modifier Codes and Patient Outcomes on CBC Calgary Eye Opener, Feb 25th, 2020.


Calculating Physician Supply -  Service Day Activities Method

From our work on high volume FPs in Alberta, we developed a new method for calculating FP supply based on service day activities. It is available online at CMAJ Open http://cmajopen.ca/content/8/4/E747.full   In collaboration with researchers from  IC/ES we are applying our service day method to calculate the number of family physicians in both Alberta and Ontario and describe the scope of practices.



Dr. Terrence (Terry) McDonald

Dr. McDonald is an Assistant Clinical Professor with the Cumming School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine and clinical preceptor at the Sunridge Family Medicine Teaching Center in Calgary. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science completing a Master’s in Health Economics, Policy and Management in 2016.  His dissertation focused on the predictors of high-volume general practitioners in Alberta, published in CMAJ Open.

His health services research explores the supply of family physicians and their practice patterns. His research questions focus on the relationship between daily patient visit volume, provider continuity and health services utilization and patient health outcomes. His work has been supported by a grants from the M.S.I. Foundation, the Primary Care Health Integration Network and the Northern Academic Family Medicine Fund.  His research is supported in kind by the Analytics Research and Evaluation Service at Alberta Health Services and EnACT.