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Admissions 2022

The Lethbridge and Medicine Hat Rural Family Medicine Program will each be accepting 7 R1 positions in the 2021 selection cycle. In addition, 2 Family Medicine MOTP positions will also be based out of Lethbridge beginning in 2022. The Lethbridge and Medicine Hat Programs accept Canadian Medical Graduate (CMG) positions only. Please note we do not have any IMG positions in Medicine Hat or Lethbridge. Refer to the City Calgary program if you are interested in an IMG position.

Resident selection continues to be impacted by the Pandemic. The Canadian Postgraduate admissions process in 2022 will be entirely virtual this year.

Calgary’s Rural Family Medicine team will be unable to meet medical students in person this year, so we will be using new tools to help you learn about us, including:

Although the Medicine Hat and Lethbridge sites are listed under different CaRMS codes, the sites function as one unit underneath the auspices of the University of Calgary. If you are applying for the Rural Program at the U of C, we suggest that you apply to both the Medicine Hat and Lethbridge sites during the CaRMS process. Requests to add on Lethbridge or Medicine Hat to your application will not be considered after the deadline or during the interview days, so its suggested to apply for both programs if you are uncertain.

Letters of Reference

For CaRMS 2022, all Family Medicine Programs across Canada have adopted the Family Medicine Structured Reference Letter.  

  • Traditional narrative letters will NOT be accepted. Should your referee submit a traditional letter it will not be reviewed, and your application may be deemed incomplete. 
  • Please direct your referees to the example of the reference letter on the CaRMS website.
  • Applicants should also familiarize themselves with how to request a Family Medicine Structured Reference Letter on the CaRMS website. 

Number requested: 3 

A maximum of three (3) Structured References Letters can be submitted from clinical supervisors/physician preceptors. DO NOT SEND MORE THAN THREE (3), as they will not be reviewed. 

It is preferred that at least one letter of reference be from a Family Physician who knows you and can attest to your qualities. The other references can be from a physician of the candidate's choice. Referees cannot be related to the applicant. File review will not take place unless all three (3) Structured References Letters have been received by the unmasking date. 

For Canadian Medical Graduates, all Structured References Letters must relate to work experiences that have occurred within the last 2 years. Structured References Letters citing work with an applicant before July 1, 2020 will not be reviewed and will result in your application being deemed incomplete. 

Please refer to our CaRMS Program Description for full and detailed information about what is required to apply to our program. 

FMProC- New requirement for 2022

The University of Calgary Family Medicine Programs are very excited to be one of 6 participating Family Medicine Residency Programs to use the FM-ProC (Family Medicine Professional Choices), which is a Family Medicine context-specific Situational Judgement Test. All applicants to our Programs in the first round of the 2022 CaRMS cycle will be required to sit the new 70-minute FM-ProC. This will help us better assess 4 attributes on our applicants that are critically important to being a Family Physician: Professional Integrity, Adaptability, Team-Working Skills, and Empathy/Compassion. 

Information about how to register for the test will be provided in our CaRMS Program Description closer to the date on December 8, 2021. The cost will be $42. Payment will be required, by credit card, at the time of your registration. The registration deadline for FM-ProC is 12 noon ET on January 11, 2022.

Applicants will be able to access and complete FM-ProC during the test window in January (January 17 – January 31, 2022). 6 FM Residency Programs (Universities of Calgary, Alberta, Montreal, and Ottawa, as well as Queens and McMaster Universities) are requiring the FM-ProC for the 1st round of the 2022 cycle, but applicants will only need to register, pay for, and sit the test once.

When you receive your FMProC result letter, even though this will be after the CaRMS Document upload deadline, please remember to upload this document into your CaRMS account to ensure your application package is complete.

Please refer to the FM-ProC FAQ for more information.


The preferred manner of communicating with all applicants is via e-mail. To facilitate communication, all applicants must ensure the email address on their CaRMS application is accessible and correct.


A complete file review will be done prior to your interview by faculty members.

First Iteration Interviews will occur in a virtual format (via Zoom). Interviews will be conducted by a Family Physician and a current Resident and take approximately 30 minutes. Dates for interviews will be announced later this Fall, so please stay tuned to our website and CaRMS Descriptions for more information.

Candidates must be aware that the interview teams will not have access to your CaRMS files. The file review and interview stages are kept separate to reduce bias. Candidates are to use their interview time to convey as much information as they can about themselves, their background, and their passions for rural family medicine.