University Of Calgary Postgraduate Medicine

Vision, Mission and Goals - Rural


University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine - Family Medicine Residency Program


  • Training future family physicians to serve the primary care needs of their communities.


  • Our graduates are ready to enter comprehensive and patient-centered practice with the ability to adapt to all settings in Canada.
  • Our residents are engaged learners and have the support and role-modelling to develop as resilient life-long learning family physicians.
  • Our preceptors are fully supported and model best family-medicine practice and foster their resident's development as family physicians.
  • Our program provides outstanding family medicine training, promotes and integrates continuous improvement and drives education innovation.


  1. Environment
    • Provide a safe, supportive, collaborative teaching and learning environment.
    • Support & promote the health and wellness of our Residents, Preceptors and Program staff.
  2. Teaching
    • Attract, support, develop and retain Preceptors and Faculty who are effective teachers and strong clinician role-models.
    • Provide high quality teaching, supervision and mentoring to residents.
    • All Preceptors are engaged in an ongoing process of evaluation and self-improvement in relation to teaching skills.
    • Support and promote family-medicine appropriate teaching in non-family medicine environments.
  3. Curriculum
    • Provide an effective, consistent and integrated curriculum in line with the evolving role of the Canadian Family Physician.
    • Use appropriate and innovative, evidence-informed teaching delivery methods.
  4. Administration & Leadership
    • Provide effective and efficient leadership and administrative processes which direct and support all aspects of our programs.
    • Implement effective communication processes across all parts of the Program.
    • Family Medicine Residency Program Mission Vision and Goals_2017-09-26
  5. Learning
    • Graduate residents capable of entering practice and delivering comprehensive care with the ability, competence and confidence to adapt to any setting in Canada
    • Facilitate development of resident skills for:
      • - Independent reflective life-long learning
      • - Leadership & advocacy
      • - Teaching
      • - Research and scholarship
      • - Resilience
  6. Accreditation
    • Maintain accreditation by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)
  7. Social accountability
    • The majority of our graduates deliver broad-scope, comprehensive care in Alberta
    • Our Graduates deliver healthcare that meets their local community health needs
    • Our Graduates practice wisely and are responsible stewards of the system and resources
  8. Assessment and evaluation
    • Use rigorous, transparent and constructive methods for resident assessment that support trustworthy decisions about progress, promotion and completion.
    • All residents are optimally supported in meeting the requirements for certification with the CFPC.
    • Consistently use rigorous, transparent and constructive methods for Faculty and Program evaluation and feedback
    • Undertake regular, systematic and effective program evaluation and program review