University Of Calgary Postgraduate Medicine

Program Highlights

Studying Family Medicine in Calgary and Southern Alberta is unlike anything else.

Family Medicine residency training programs began in Canada in 1966 and at the University of Calgary in 1985. Calgary city grads are confident to practice family medicine anywhere in Alberta, nationally, and in the world.

We have a supportive network of teachers, including a cohort of over 1000 clinical preceptors who support learners in the undergraduate and the residency programs.  Calgary Family Physicians are vital to our communities and hospitals, and our residents work alongside them learning how to provide the best possible care using the Patient’s Medical Home model and working collaboratively with specialist colleagues. In addition, we have a network of rural family medicine colleagues who influence our residents greatly in elective and the core rural family medicine rotations in the R2 year.

Our Program Highlights

  • First block of Residency is devoted to an introduction to the profession with a rotation called FM-Core, which consists of orientation to the program, core teaching and specific clinical skills (e.g. courses such as ALARM, participation in an Opioids Skills Day), and Family Medicine home clinic
  • Weekly academics are designed to enhance your learning experience and catch up with co-residents.
  • A Competency Coach will provide you with support throughout your residency training program for 2 years. Meetings and Progress Reviews are completed every 4 months.
  • We have resident representation on all postgraduate program leadership committees to ensure the resident voice is always heard and considered.
  • We have Patient-Centered Care Labs that are focused on communication skills and doctor-patient relationships
  • We have a leading-edge Resident Assessment Program that focuses on assessment for learning, not just of learning
  • There are opportunities for residents to develop their teaching skills through formal academic lectures devoted to the topic, medical education electives, participation with the undergraduate FM Interest Group, and teaching opportunities in home clinics.
  • CCFP exam preparation sessions, including practice SOO sessions in both years (currently virtual), and access to an online SAMP study platform in second year
  • We are a Program that is supportive and prioritizes our Residents’ wellbeing. Chief Residents organize quarterly Resident Confidentials (peer support sessions) that are run during protected program time. We also have a Wellness Curriculum that teaches residents a basic skill set relating to the maintenance of wellness.
  • Evaluations of academics, rotations, and preceptors are reviewed regularly, and necessary improvements are made.

First Year Curriculum

Electives - 4 weeks

Family Medicine Focused:
FM Plus Blocks  - 4.5 days per week in home clinic on these blocks for 3 weeks, 1 week experience in a specific  care domain

FM Community Blocks - 2 days per week in home clinic , 2.5 days per week in community FM clinics

FM Behaviourial Medicine/Mental Health Block- 2 days per week in home clinic, 2.5 days per week in outpatient mental health experiences and Patient-Centered Care Labs

  • FM Core - (4 days per week in family medicine; 1 day per week for program orientation and courses) - 4 weeks
  • FM Community – (opportunities at partnering community clinics) - 8 weeks
  • FM Behavioural Medicine/Mental Health – 4 weeks
  • FM Adult Plus – (focus on the care of the adult domain) - 4 weeks
  • FM Child Plus – (focus on the care of the child domain) - 4 weeks
  • Longitudinal Long term Care and Indigenous Health options
  • Family Medicine Mental Health Labs

Immersive Experiences:

  • Internal Medicine - 8 weeks (non-continuous)
  • Low Risk Obstetrics - 4 weeks
  • Adult Emergency - 4 weeks
  • Pediatrics- 4 weeks
  • Psych Emergency - 4 weeks

Second Year Curriculum

Electives – 8 weeks (option for ICU or CCU 4 week selective)

Family Medicine Focused:
FM Plus Blocks - 4.5 days per week in home clinic on these blocks for 3 weeks, 1 week experience in a specific  care domain

FM Rural Blocks - 4.5 days per week in clinic

FM Community and Urgent Care Blocks - 2 days per week in home clinic, 2.5 days per week in community FM clinics or Urgent Care

  • FM Community – 4 weeks
  • FM Urgent Care – 4 weeks 
  • FM Addictions Plus – (focus on addictions care and services) 4 weeks
  • FM Enriched Plus – (focus on domain of care of resident's choice) 4 weeks
  • FM Rural - (designated rural partnering site) 8 weeks
  • Family Medicine Mental Health Labs

Immersive Experiences:

  • Pediatric Emergency – 4 weeks
  • Care of the Elderly – 4 weeks
  • Palliative Care – 4 weeks
  • Hospitalist – 4 weeks
  •  Musculoskeletal – 2 weeks
  •  Low Risk Obstetrics – 2 weeks