University Of Calgary Postgraduate Medicine

Clinical Teaching Opportunities

An important component of the Family Medicine program at the University of Calgary is the extensive involvement of community Family Physicians in the training of residents, clerks, and medical students.

The Teaching Opportunities document provides a succinct outline of the opportunities, duration, nature of the commitment, and remuneration for each preceptor, teacher, and examiner role available to community physicians.

The Department is always recruiting interested individuals as preceptors, teachers, and examiners. If you are interested in pursuing any of the opportunities in undergraduate family medicine, please contact Alexandra Thomas (403) 210-7499.  If you are interested in opportunities in post-graduate family medicine (residency), please contact Craig Cutler  (403) 955-9372.  

Academic Appointment

If you are interested in becoming a clinical teacher or you are currently involved in any teaching with University of Calgary Family Medicine (medical students,  residents, classroom, clinical), you must have an active academic appointment.

To receive an application, please contact the Appointments Assistant at

If you have already submitted your application package please don't hesitate to contact us to find out the status of your appointment.