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A Message from Postgraduate Leadership

On behalf of Lindsay Jantzie, Jacqueline Hui, Brendan Miles and Keith Wycliffe-Jones.

Dear University of Calgary Family Medicine FMeCAP Pilot Preceptors, Residents, Coordinators, and Directors,

On behalf of Postgraduate Family Medicine, we are excited and pleased to introduce to you the Family Medicine electronic Curriculum and Assessment Platform (FMeCAP) pilot. This system has been strongly desired for many years by those involved in residency training.  Through collaboration with the vendor Elentra, the platform has finally become a reality. It's exciting to see several thousands of hours of brainstorming and planning come to fruition with an electronic environment that supports the collection, review, and reporting of assessment information, as well as the organization, delivery, and evaluation of curriculum for all three Postgraduate Family Medicine Programs (Calgary, Rural, and Enhanced Skills).

A move to one system will make our work lives easier, our processes more efficient, and will eliminate the need for and redundancy of several different systems and tools. FMeCAP will also promote learner-centeredness, self-reflection, and real-time tracking of resident progress in a user-friendly interface.

As Preceptors, Residents, Coordinators, and Directors using the system during the pilot phase of the project, we look forward to working collaboratively with you in 2020-2021 to refine the functionality and integration of FMeCAP to meet the needs of each of our Programs. You are encouraged to provide regular feedback about the platform, as well as participate in regularly offered professional development sessions which will be geared to utilize the system to its maximum potential.

This is a very exciting time for the Postgraduate Family Medicine Programs.  

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. 

Project Background

What is FMeCAP?

FMeCAP (developed by the chosen vendor; Elentra) is a platform that integrates and facilitates Assessment, Curriculum and Evaluation management in Postgraduate Family Medicine. With FMeCAP, residents, preceptors, faculty and administrative staff will have the tools to effectively and efficiently manage Assessment, Curriculum and Evaluation components of the programs.

FMeCAP is used to more directly link teaching and learning to curriculum through specifically providing rotation objectives, priority topics and key features as well as the most relevant entrustable professional activities (EPAs) to the Resident and preceptor at a specific point in time during clinical learning experiences

Through the implementation of FMeCAP we aim to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Transition from paper based assessment forms into an electronic assessment platform to support the teaching, learning and assessment of Residents in the 2-year FM Residency Program and each of the 8 FM Enhanced Skills Programs.
  2. An electronic curriculum management solution that supports the organisation, delivery and evaluation of curriculum in both the 2-year FM Residency Program and each of the 8 FM Enhanced Skills Programs.

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Why are we implementing a new system?

The Calgary Family Medicine Residency Program implemented its competency-based curriculum for the Calgary and Rural parts of the program in 2012 and 2016 respectively, to comply with the College of Family Physicians of Canada Triple-C curriculum requirements and updated accreditation standards.

Due to the complexity of the change, the program chose to continue to rely on existing paper forms and existing electronic assessment solutions. The volume of paper forms generated during this process is being managed by overarching processes and administrative staff in place to help collect, analyze and file these information.

The Calgary and Rural programs developed a set of 26 Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA) that link to curriculum documents and assessment frameworks. The map that connects EPAs with relevant curriculum and standards is being managed manually in excel spreadsheets.

Postgraduate Family Medicine in collaboration with CSM-IT is implementing the Electronic Curriculum and Assessment Platform FMeCAP (Developed by Elentra), an electronic system to manage curriculum, assessment and evaluation for the core 2-year programs (Calgary and Rural) and enhanced skills programs.


Project Impacts

What will change WHEN FMeCAP is implemented that will affect Preceptors and Residents?

  • Resident and Preceptor logins to cloud-based FMeCAP on computers and mobile devices.
  • Introduction of electronic Field Notes to replace paper-based notes currently in use in all FM learning experiences.
  • Introduction of electronic Procedure Field notes to replace paper-based notes currently in use.
  • Introduction of electronic In-Training Evaluation Reports (ITERs), within FMeCAP, for FM-based rotations. (This will involve a move-away from one45 for these).


What do I need to do and know as a Resident?

  • Your Preceptors will continue to provide excellent, high-quality teaching and learning experiences-nothing will change there.
  • Observation of performance and the feedback provided to you will be recorded in the electronic field notes in FMeCAP, either by you or your Preceptor. (no more paper field notes)
  • The information gathered in field notes will be based on the CFPC’s 99 Priority Topics and their Key-Features organized under the CFPC FM Professional Profile domains (Primary Care, Emergency Care, In-Hospital Care etc).
  • Key-Features have been mapped in the background within FMeCAP to the 26 EPAs and the 6 CFPC Skill Dimensions.
  • In the Category 1 Enhanced Skills programs, CFPC Key-Features have been mapped in the background within FMeCAP to the EPAs developed by each program.
  • FM-based ITERs will also be completed by your Preceptors in FMeCAP (not in one45).


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Will there be any training?

  • Workshops and training videos will be rolled out during the pilot phase.  Keep an eye out for details of these here.


If I have questions who do I ask?

FAQs related to FMeCAP


All communications regarding FMeCAP will also be posted here.