University Of Calgary Postgraduate Medicine

What is FMeCAP?

FMeCAP is a platform that integrates and facilitates Assessment, Curriculum and Evaluation management in Postgraduate Family Medicine. With FMeCAP, residents, preceptors, faculty and administrative staff have the tools to effectively and efficiently manage Assessment, Curriculum and Evaluation components of the Core 2-year program, as well as the Care of the Elderly and Palliative Care Enhanced Skills programs.

FMeCAP is used to directly link teaching and learning to curriculum through specifically providing rotation objectives, priority topics and key features as well as the most relevant entrustable professional activities (EPAs) to the Resident and preceptor at a specific point in time during clinical learning experiences.

FMeCAP has electronic Field Notes for all FM learning experiences (including urgent care) as well as electronic Procedure Field notes to replace the previously used paper-based notes.

FMeCAP has electronic In-Training Evaluation Reports (ITERs), within FMeCAP, for FM-based rotations


Find out why and how we came to have FMeCAP

FMeCAP Implementation and Pilot


What’s New?

We have added an “Aggregate Tool” for assessment data loaded on to the Resident’s dashboard

For Residents and their Competency Coaches, on Resident CBME dashboard;

  • Choose “Completion Date” or “Encounter Date” and set time (from-to) period to review collected and aggregated assessment data at top of EPA list. Apply filters.
  • The number of assessments under each EPA or Skill Dimension will not change but if you click on the down arrow to the right of an EPA or Skill Dimension, you will see the number of core field notes and/or ITERs, for the time period you have chosen, appear on the left and a summary of how many field notes have been completed showing each of the 4 levels of performance over on the right. (4 boxes)
  • Click on “Core Field Note” (or ITER) to take you to the aggregate tool where you will find all of the data collected in field notes or ITERs for the chosen EPA or Skill dimension in one place, including a graph of Level of Performance over time in relation to each of the Key Features for the chosen EPA.
  • ITER “tagging” so all EPA and Skill dimension assessment data from ITERs appears on dashboard.


What’s Coming?

The following functionality is in the works for deployment over the next few months;

  • Level of supervision for each EPA indicated on dashboard.
  • Preceptors on FM rotations will be able to see all field notes for that rotation to help in completion of any final ITER.
  • “Grade-Book” to track promotion and completion requirements.
  • Curriculum mapping in system.
  • Progress Review supported within the system.
  • An "intra-partum field note" is currently being tested in the platform.
  • A "professionalism field note" is also currently being tested in the system.


FAQs related to FMeCAP

FMeCAP 2019-20 EPA Mapping Project Acknowledgement

A Huge Thank-You to the following Family Physicians who gave up their time and energy to help map the CFPC Key Features, as core competencies, to the EPAs in the Core, Care of the Elderly and Palliative Care Programs.


Core 2 year FM Program

Dr. Hamid Adib Azad, Dr. Joshua Brochu, Dr. Wayne Chang, Dr. Deborah Ferguson, Dr. Jacqueline Hui, Dr. Charles Leduc, Dr. Jodie Ornstein, Dr. Suzanne Sawyer, Dr. Dino Smilijic, Dr. Keith Wycliffe-Jones, Dr. Deidre Young, Dr. Ben Addleman, Dr. Richard Buck, Dr. Wes Jackson, Dr. Aaron Johnston, Dr. Sonja Wicklum, Dr. Emmanuel Gye, Dr. Todd Hill, Dr. Marsha Kucera, Dr. Anila Ramaliu, Dr. Janet Reynolds, Dr. Divya Garg, Dr. Lindsay Jantzie, Dr. Sarah Mahkdoom, Dr. Sandy Peacock, Dr. Jean Rawling, Dr. Rachel DeFina, Dr. Donovan Nunweiler, Dr. Jim Dickinson, Dr. Penny Borghesan, Dr. Brian Cornelson, Dr. Liana Hwang, Dr. Julian Kyne, Dr. Behi Raissi, Dr. Lanice Jones, Dr. Ivan Filanti, Dr. Luke Savage, Dr. Adeel Azam, Dr. Elaine Godwin, Dr. Martha Ingles, Dr. Carolyn Nowry, Dr. Maeve O'Beirne, Dr. Heidi Von Engelbrechten, Dr. Andew Wong, Dr. Tammy Bach, Dr. Matthew MacCormick, Dr. Cathy Scrimshaw, Dr. Kristy Penner, Dr. Lisa Coffey, Dr. Dinesh Witharana, Dr. Donna Mumert, Dr. Brian Siray, Dr. Clark Svrcek, Dr. Kara Powell, Dr. Daniel Edgcumbe and Dr. Katherine Johns.


Care of Elderly Enhanced Skills Program

Dr. Carolyn Wong, Dr. Paula Pearce, Dr. Danielle Keller, Dr. Darren Burback, Dr. Suparna Madan, Dr. Rachel De Fina.


Palliative Care Enhanced Skills Program

Dr. Laurie Lemieux, Dr. Jacqueline Hui, Dr. Eleanor Foster, Dr. Katherine Liu, Dr. Charlie Chen, Dr. Jessica Simon, Dr. Ron Spice, Dr. Mary Wallis, Dr. Russell Loftus, Dr. Alison Murray, Dr. Amy Tan, Dr. Justin Black.