University Of Calgary Postgraduate Medicine

Electives Introduction

There is 1 block of elective in first year, and 2 blocks in second year. One or two of the second-year blocks can be taken as a "selective” rotation in either ICU or CCU/Cardiology.
Electives can be a mix of clinical experiences that vary in duration over the 4 week rotation.

Elective blocks enable you to address individual learning needs. To be program-approved electives must:

  • have educational value for you, the Resident
  • be based on defined learning objectives identified by the Resident in their elective application
  • be supervised by a physician
  • be full time i.e. 4 days a week (plus half day academics and half day continuity home clinic on Thursdays) when in Calgary and 5 days a week when greater than 300 km away from Calgary.
  • be approved by your Division Director a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the start date of the elective (for outside U of C elective experiences).  Where an application is received within this time, a field note may be generated by the Division Director around professionalism.

Electives can:

  • be chosen freely by the Resident where the Resident is not on a remediation or probation plan
  • be made up from any combination of clinical experiences between a single half day and 20 days on the same clinical experience
  • be organised as a ‘Research Elective” with the approval of the Research Director  and Division Director or include research days but these count towards the 50% rule.

Attendance requirement is 50% over a 4 week period (as per attendance and absence policy) excluding academics and continuity home clinics.

Elective Assessment is required. 

In situations when the Resident is present for at least 2 of the 4 weeks in the same clinical experience (excluding mandatory educational events and call-back), an “Elective ITER” must be completed at the end of the rotation. In situations when the Resident is present for less than 2 weeks, one field note per half day clinic is required.

Evenings, Weekends and Call During Electives

Each elective experience has a different set of requirements for Residents to meet their learning objectives. This may include call, evening and/or weekend shifts.

Residents are expected to attend all clinics as scheduled during an elective.

It is the resident's responsibility to follow PARA guidelines regarding call when on electives.   

Please check with the Learner Scheduler if you are unsure about the requirements of the elective in which you are interested.