University Of Calgary Postgraduate Medicine

Rotations Outside of Calgary

Most Programs in Family Medicine Enhanced Skills have the capacity for Residents to complete an Elective or Mandatory Rotation outside of Calgary. Some Programs mandate that specific rotations be completed in a specific rural setting. Refer to your Program materials regarding Program requirements and processes for securing approvals of rotations outside of Calgary.

Rural Alberta
If you complete an approved rotation in rural Alberta, you will be eligible for local accommodation and for travel expense reimbursement. Contact your Program Coordinator for further information.

Out-of-Province or Out-of-Country
If you have an approved rotation outside of Alberta, there are considerable preparations you will need to complete. Please keep in mind that you may need to complete some preparation steps up to 7 blocks in advance of your planned rotation. Please refer to the detailed Checklist - Out of Province/Country for the timeline and steps you must complete.

Rural Rotation Information for FM Residents - Accommodation and Travel Expenses