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1 Assessment FM Skill Dimension Examples
2A Proposed Clinical Staging System For Obesity
3Aboriginal Services Guide (FM MHL)
4Accreditation Tranmittal Letter - CFPC to Calgary (Full Visit) (June 2015)
5ACE of Learning and Teaching
6Addictions ACE Objectives - 2
7ADHD - CADDRA Practice Guidelines (FM MHL)
8AHS Travel and Hospitality Working Session - Expense Claim Form
9Alberta MMT Standards and Guidelines
10Anger Coping Strategies (FM MHL)
11Antidepressions -Tailoring Choice to Patient Profile (FM MHL)
12Anxiety - Canadaian Clincial Practice Guidelines (2014) (FM MHL)
13Anxiety Vicious Cycle (FM MHL)
14Appeal Process Overview and Guidance Policy (Residents and Respondents)
15Applicants Declaration DND
16Approach to the Agitated Patient (September 205)
17Assertive Communication (FM MHL)
18Assessment Calgary Assessment Tools Chart 2020-07-31
19Assessment Tool Chart (Rural) (2017_08_17)
20Assessment Tools Timeline (Rural) (2016_06_14)
21Asthma Diagnosis and Management in Children and Adults (Respirology)
22Asthma Diagnosis Managment (Preschoolers)
23Asthma Management (Children and Adults)
24Asthma Management Guideline (Children and Adults)
25BATHE Technique (FM MHL)
26Behavioural Activation (FM MHL)
27Behavioural Medicine
28Bishop Score
29Bishop Score 4
30Bishop Score Teaching 1
31Bishop Score Teaching 2
32Bowmont Medical (FM URBAN with Dr. Bhatla)
33Bowmont Medical - WOLF EMR (FM URBAN with Dr. Bhatla)
34Bowmont Medical: NWM Prenatal Office Visit Guidelines (August 2016)
35Bowmont Medical: Working with Dr. Bhatla (FM URBAN)
36C-health Certified Therapy Dog (1 of 2)
37C-health Certified Therapy Dog (2 of 2)
38Calgary - R1 - Reference - Behavioural Medicine Manual - 2018
39Calgary - R1 - Reference - Insomnia CBT Curriculum Resource Prereading - 2018
40Calgary - R1 - Reference - Mandatory Events Calendar - 2019-03-08
41Calgary - R1 - Reference - Onboarding WHS - 2019-05-15
42Calgary - R1R2 - Procedure - Resident Rotation Travel Approval and Reimbursement -2018-04-30
43Calgary - R1R2 - Reference - LMG Prenatal Guidelines - 2019-03-13
44Calgary - R1R2 - Reference - MNB - Centricity Training Information SHC - 2019-01-17
45Calgary - R1R2 - Reference - MNB - LMG Resident Information - 2019
46Calgary - R1R2 - Reference - MNB - Maternity Care Resident Information - 2019
47Calgary - R1R2 - Reference - MNB - Sweeping Membranes Teaching Module - 2019
48Calgary - R1R2 - Training Guide - Obstetrics - PLC CPHN Training Guide - 2019-07-12
49Calgary - R2 - Reference - Mandatory Events Calendar - 2019-03-08
50Calgary and Rural Residency Program Promotion and Completion Requirements Policy - April 6 2018
51Calgary Youth Programs (FM MHL)
52Calgary Youth Services Guide (FM MHL)
53Call Stipend Form (Calgary)
54Call Stipend Submission (Enhanced Skills) (2017_11_17)
55Call Stipends Policy and Procedure 2019-01-08
56Calming Technique (FM MHL)
57Cardiac Care Unit Rotation Objectives
58Care of the Adult EPAs (2017_10_27)
59Care of the Adutl Competencies (2017_10_26)
60Care of the Child Competencies (2017_10_26)
61Care of the Child EPAs (2017_10_27)
62Care of the Elderly Competencies (2017_10_26)
63Care of the Elderly EPAs (2017_10_27)
64Care of the Elderly Objectives (Calgary) (2017_08_31)
65CCU - Call Schedule and Time Off Requests (May 2017)
66Centricty Training (SHC)
67Change Highlights DSM-IV-Tr to DSM (FM MHL)
68Chronic Kidney Disease Guildelines (Nephrology)
69Chronic Kidney Disease Mechanisms and Treatment (Nephrology)
70CL & Particle 2017
71Clinic QI Approval for Second QI Project
72COE AGU Information and Expectations
73COE AGU Learning Objectives
74COE Approach To Paients With Memory Difficulties (CFP 2013)
75COE Approach To Preventative Care In The Elderly (CFP 2016)
76COE C3 Information and Expectations 2019
77COE Care of the Elderly Alex Seniors Learning Objectives 2019
78COE Care of the Elderly C3 Learning Objectives 2019
79COE Cognitive Impairment: Dignosis to Management (2017)
80COE Cognitive Impairment: Symptoms to Diagnosis (2017)
81COE Diagnosis And Treatment of Dementia (CFP 2014)
82COE Driving and Dementia (2017)
83COE Elderly Dementia Due To Alzheimers Disease (2011)
84COE End Of Life Issues In Dementia (Part 1) (LTC)
85COE End Of Life Issues In Dementia (Part 2) (LTC)
86COE Falls In the Elderly (CFP 2011)
87COE Fraility In Primary Care (RockwoodBMCMedicine 2012)
88COE Fraility: High Risk of Poor Outcomes (CCFP 2015)
89COE Geriatric Depression Scale: Short Form
90COE Geriatrics information and expectations 2019
91COE Home Care Geriatric Consult Team
92COE Influence Of Individual And Combines Healthy Behaviours On Successful Aging (CMAJ 2012)
93COE Long Term Care
94COE Mild Cognitive Impairment Due to Alzheimers Disease (2011)
95COE Pharmacologic Treatment of Depression In Elderly (CFP 2014)
96COE Preclinical Alzheimers Disease (2011)
97COE RCTP Information and Objectives
98COE Treatment of Constipation In Older People (CMAJ 2013)
99COE Urinary Incontinence Amoung Older Patients (CFP 2010)
100COE Urinary Incontinence In Women (AAFP 2013)
101Colorectal Cancer Screening (GI)
102Communication Skills Around Intimate Partner Violence
103Community Counselling (FM MHL)
104Community Peds Competencies (Rural) (2016)
105Consensus Satement On Concussion In Sport (Enhanced Skills - SEM) (2017)
106Consequences of Absence and Lateness Policy
107COPD (Respirology)
108Cough Assessement Chart (Respirology)
109Critical Thinking Assessment Form
110Cryosurgery For Common Skin Conditions (Dermatology)
111CUPS Overview
112Depression 101 (FM MHL)
113Depression: Vicious Cycle (FM MHL)
114DFM Organization Chart
115DFM Poster Template for RSD 2019
116Diagnostic Imaging Workbook
117Direct Observation Assessment Form (Rural)
118Direct Observation Procedure Skills (DOPS - 17_07_18)
119Domains of Care (Rural)
120Domestic Violence Identifying and Responding To Men Who Use Violence In Their Intimate Relationships 2019
121Domestic Violence Recommendations for Medical Radiological Eval of Non Fatal Strangulation V17.9 2019
122Domestic Violence Snapshot of Family Violence In Canada (Fact Sheet)
123Domestic Violence Somatic Symptoms And Diseases Are More Common In Women Exposed To Violence (2007)
124Domestic Violence Spontaneous Disclosures Dialogue Pathway 2019
125Dx Managment of IH
126Early Pregancy Loss: Funeral Home
127Early Pregnancy Loss: Decision Board
128Early Pregnancy Loss: Misoprostol Patient Information
129Early Pregnancy Loss: Patient Information Handout
130Early Pregnancy Loss: Referral Information
131Early Pregnancy Loss: What To Expect During And After Miscarriage
132EBM Research QI Patient Safety
133Elective Calgary Arranging Experiences 2019
134Elective Request Form (Rural)
135Elective Selective Sheldon M. Chumir Assessment Form (UofC Family Medicine Resident)
136Elective Sheldon M. Chumir Assessment Form (UofC Clerk)
137Elective UofC FMR Learners - Urgent Care Chumir Survivial Guide 2019
138Elective Visiting Residents and UofC Clerks - Urgent Care Chumir Survivial Guide 2019
139Electives Policy
140Emergency Psychiatry 1 (2015_11_19)
141Emergency Psychiatry 2 (2015_11_19)
142EPA Assessment and Sign Off (Calgary) (2017_08_18)
143EPA Assessment and Signoff (Rural) (17_08_16)
144EPA Grid (Calgary) (2017_10_23)
145EPA Grid (Rural) (2017_10_23)
146EPA List and Guidance Document (2017_10_24)
147ES - MNC - RSO - NICU - 18-09-27
148ES MNC - Breastfeeding ITER.pdf
149ES MNC - Perinatal Mental Health Physician Resource.pdf
150ES MNC - Resident Resources.pdf
151ES MNC Breastfeeding Rotation Specific Objectives.pdf
152ES MNC Daily Field Notes (DFN).pdf
153ES MNC High Risk Obs Rotation Specific Objectives.pdf
154ES MNC Low Risk Obs Rotation Specific Objectives.pdf
156ES MNC MDIP Rotation Specific Objectives.pdf
158ES MNC Pelvic Floor Rotation Specific Objectives.pdf
159ES MNC Procedural Skills Daily Logbook.pdf
160Ethics Competencies (2017_10_26)
161Evaluation Elective UofC FMR Learners
162Expense Claim Form - Life Support Course
163Extendership Moonlighting Policy
164Facts When Kids Are Exposed to Domestic Violence
165Faculty Advisor Policy (Enhanced Skills)
166Family Medicine Remediation Probation Dismissal Policy 2018-09-06
167Field Note (Blank) (2017_07_25)
168Field Note Guidance (17_07_18)
169Financial Sponsorship of Educational and Non-Educational Events Policy (2017_12_23)
170First Trimerster Abortion Guidelines
171Flat Feet (Gait)
172FM - Applicants - Template - Letter of Reference - 19-09-03
173FM - Preceptor - Reference - Assessment - Immersion ITER EPA FAQ - 2018-09-07
174FM - Preceptor - Reference - Assessment - Immersion ITER EPA FAQ - Off Service Preceptors - 2018-09-07
175FM - Progress Review Report - 2019-10-07 Fillable
176FM - R1R2 - Forms - Assessment - Progress Review Report PDF - 2019-07-03
177FM - R1R2 - Policy - RLC Constitution and Policy Manual - 2019-06-30
178FM - R1R2 - Preceptor - Reference - Assessment - Field Note Guidance Document - 2018-09-07
179FM - R1R2 - Process - Resident Life Support Course Reimbursement - 2018
180FM - R1R2 - Reference - Assessment - Immersion ITER EPA FAQ - 2018-09-07
181FM - R1R2 - Reference - Assessment - USIT Exam Answer Key - 2017-10-26
182FM - R1R2 - Reference - Assessment - USIT Exam Answer Key - 2018-10-25
183FM - R1R2 - Reference - Assessment - USIT Exam Questions - 2017-10-26
184FM - R1R2 - Reference - Assessment - USIT Exam Questions - 2018-10-25
185FM - R1R2 - Reference - Assessment - USIT Exam Results Online Review Instructions - 2018-10-25
186FM - R1R2 - Reference - Scholarship Day Agenda - 2019-03-14
187FM - R1R2 - Reference - Scholarship Day Program - 2019-03-14
188FM - R1R2 - Resident - Reference - Assessment - USIT iPad Instructions - 2018-10-12
189FM - Reference - Selection Process - 2018-10-23
190FM MSc Application Form (2017_03-10)
191FM MSc Information Sheet
192FM Residency Assessment Policy 2018-09-06
193FM Residency Programs Appeals Policy 2018-09-06
194FM Selective Information
196FMAdult Gl Managment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
197FMBMMH Access Mental Health directions (Ver 5.0) 2020
198FMC - Resident Welcome
199FMC Induction Flow and Outpatient Balloon Insertion
200FMC Site Map
201FMC Triage MFM Ultrasound Information (April 2017)
202FMC Triage OTAS Score - Resident Letter
203FMChild ENT CPG Diagnosis of AOM 2019
204FMChild ENT CPG Pediatric Sinusitis 2019
205FMChild ENT CPG Tonsillectomy 2019
206FMChild ENT HT Read Audiogram 2019
207FMChild ENT Management of AOM 2019
209FMChild ENT Tympanostomy Tubes Guideline
210FMChild Peds EM Approach to the Critically Ill Child
211FMChild Peds EM Lacerations
212FMChild Peds EM Respiratory Distress
213FMChild Peds EM Shock APLS
214FMChild Respirology Asthma Diagnosis Management Guideline Update
215FMUrgent Care Mandatory Learners - Urgent Care Chumir Survivial Guide 2019
216FMUrgent Domestic Violence Training Calgary Zone - February 2020
217Focused Learning Plan (FLP) - Stepwise Approach Guide (14_12_18)
218Focused Learning Plan (PDF) (2017_11_10)
219Focused Learning Plan (Word) (2017_11_10)
220Focused Learning Plan Objectives and Guide (2016_04_27)
221Foothill Campus Parking Map
222FORM Flexi-ACE-procedure-and-form 2019
223Fun Activities Catalogue (FM MHL)
224Genu Varum Valgum
225Gout Guidelines - Part 1 (Rheumatology)
226Gout Guidelines - Part 2 (Rheumatology)
227Grace Maternity
228Guidelines for the Management Of Patients with Bipolar Disorder – Yatham et al (2018)
229Healthy Minds Healthy Children Mental Health Desk Reference
230Hospitalist - Adult Seizures (Neurology) Module
231Hospitalist - Alcohol Withdrawal Module
232Hospitalist - Back Pain Module
233Hospitalist - Bowel Obstruction Module
234Hospitalist - Cellulitis Module
235Hospitalist - Colitis Module
236Hospitalist - Compression Fracture Module
237Hospitalist - Coronary Artery Disease (Cardiology) Module
238Hospitalist - Deep Vein Thrombosis Module
239Hospitalist - Delirium Module
240Hospitalist - Dementia Module
241Hospitalist - Diabetes Module
242Hospitalist - Diarrhea Module
243Hospitalist - Dysphagia Module
244Hospitalist - Endocarditis (Cardiology) Module
245Hospitalist - Falls Module
246Hospitalist - Foot Infections Module
247Hospitalist - GI Bleed (Gasterointestinal)
248Hospitalist - Headache (Neurolgoy) Module
249Hospitalist - HIV Module
250Hospitalist - Hypercalcemia Module
251Hospitalist - Hyperkalemia Module
252Hospitalist - Hypertension Module
253Hospitalist - Hyponatremia Module
254Hospitalist - Liver Issues Module
255Hospitalist - Meningitis Module
256Hospitalist - Neurological Issues Module
257Hospitalist - Osteomyelitis Module
258Hospitalist - Palliative Issues Module
259Hospitalist - Pancreatitis Module
260Hospitalist - Peripheral Vascular Disease Module
261Hospitalist - Pneumonia Module
262Hospitalist - Renal Colic (Nephrology) Module
263Hospitalist - Renal Failure Module
264Hospitalist - Sepsis Module
265Hospitalist - Syncope (Cardiology) Module
266Hospitalist - Tyroid Issues (Endocrinology) Module
267Hospitalist - Urinary Tract Infection Module
268Hospitalist - Valvular Heart Issues (Cardiology) Module
269Hospitalst - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Respirology) Module
270Hospitliast - Hematological Malignancy Module
271How to design a poster for Resident Scholarship Day 2019
272How to Find Tuberculosis Services
273HSC First Floor Map
274HSC Ground Floor Map
275ICU Rotation Objectives - April 2017
276Identifying And Responding to Childrens Exposure To Intimate Partner Violence (Fall 2016)
277IM MTU Orientation
280Infant Positional Plagiocephaly and Torticollis Management (Head Shape)
281Infant Positional Skull Deformities (Head Shape)
282Informed Self Assessement of Progress (iSAP) Form
283Insights Into Causal Pathways - Adverse Childhood Experiences
284Internal Medicine ITER (Calgary) (2017_07_24)
285Internal Medicine ITER (Rural) (2017_07_11)
286International Travel Security Procedures
287Intimate Partner Violence - Research Brief (2016)
288Intimate Partner Violence - What Physicians Can Do (November 2012)
289Intoduction to Oncology
290Intoeing Femoral Anteversion (Gait)
291Intoeing Internal Tibial Torsion (Gait)
292Intoeing Metatarsus Varus (Gait)
293Intrapartum Care Field Note (IPFN)
294Intrapartum Care Field Note (IPFN) Guide
295Introduction to Adolescent Medicine
296ISSVA Classification
297Journal Club Attendance Sheet
298Learning Objectives 2018-19 LTC-SL
299Learning Stategies Grid
300Letter of Reference DND
301Life Saving Mandatory Life Support Course Reimbursement Procedure (Calgary and Enhanced Skills) (December 2017)
302Life Support Course Reimbursement (AHS) (2017_02_17)
303Life Support Courses Chart (Enhanced Skills)
304Life Support Life Saving Course Reimbursement Procedure (AHS) (December 2016)
305Long Term Care
308Low Risk Maternity Resident Info
309Low Risk Maternity Resident Information
310LRM Evaluation Form
311LTC-SL FAQ for facilities 2018
312LTC-SL Information for preceptors 2018-19
313LTC-SL Information for Residents 2018-19
314Making A Difference in 50 Minutes - Framework for Walk in Counselling (14_02_28)
315Management and Prevention of Obesity in Adults and Children (CMAJ 2006 Summary)
316Map - Surgical Sim Wet Lab
317Maternity and Newborn Care Competencies (2017_10_26)
318Maternity Care and Care of the Newborn EPAs
319Maternity Evaluation Log Book
320Maxillofacial Injuries and Violence Against Women
321MCC Resident Information
322Meadows Maternity Resident Information
323Meadows Maternity Resident Information
324Meadows Maternity Resident Information - February 2018
325Med Skills - Detailed Map
326Medical Power and Control Wheel
327Mental Health and Behavioural Medicine Competencies (2017_10_26)
328Mental Health and Behavioural Medicine EPAs (2017_10_27)
329Mental Health Curriculum Competencies
330Mental Health Special ACEs Objectives
331Mid-Rotation ITER (MRITER) (Rural)
332MNB Resources for Residents
333Mood Disorder: Complementary and Alternative Treatments (CanJPsych2016)
334Mood Disorder: Disease Burden and Principles of Care (CanJPsych2016)
335Mood Disorder: Introduction and Methods (CanJPsych2016)
336Mood Disorder: Pharmacotherapy (CanJPsych2016)
337Mood Disorder: Psychological Treatment (CanJPsych2016)
338Mood Disorder: Neurostimulation (CanJPsych2016)
339Mood Disorder: Special Populations (CanJPsych2016)
340Motivational Interviewing (FM MHL)
341Motivational Interviewing (OARS - DEAR Readiness Ruler) (FM MHL)
342MSK - History and Exam Guide
343MSK Medicine Competencies (2017_10_26)
344MTU Call and Leave Guidelines (FMC and PLC)
345MTU Call and Leave Guidelines (SHC)
346MTU Call Leave Guidelines (RGH)
347Musculoskeletal EPAs (2017_10_27)
348New Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment of Hemangiomas
349Newsletter - R2 ES - 2017_02_17
350NW Maternity
351OA Took Kit (Enhanced Skills - SEM) (2018_07_17)
352Obesity Is A Sign Overeating Is A Symptom
353Obstetrical Care and Orders
354Obstetrical Care Guidelines
355Obstetrical Care Orders
356Obstetrical Care Orders
357Off Cycle Reisdent Policy
358Older Person Vision Loss (Ophthalmology)
359On Call Submission Form (Rural)
360On-line Resources
361Oncology Trainee Handbook (2017-2018)
362One 45 Instructions Accessing the Academic Calendar
363One 45 Instructions ACE Evaluation
364One 45 Instructions Time Away Requests
365ORITER Assessment Form (Rural)
366Orthopedics For Family Physicians: Management Referral Guidelines
367Osteoporosis (Rheumatology)
368Out of Province and International Checklist (2016_07_15)
369Out-Dated Dx Currently Accepted
370Pager Manual Alpha Elegant
371Pager Manual Alpha Gold
372Pager Manual Motorola
373Pager Manual Multitone
374Palliative Care and End of Life Care Competencies (2017_10_26)
375Palliative Care and End of Life Care EPAs (2017_10_27)
376PARA Alternative Religious Holdiay Application (Calgary)
377Patient Centered Skills Form (PCCL)
378Pediatric Asthma (AHS)
379Pediatric Centre For Weight Health Guidelines
380Pediatric Resuscitation (PedsEM)
381Peds ER Competencies (Rural) (May 2016)
382PedsEM Rotation Outline (South Health Campus)
383Perineal Laceration Videos
384Pharmacological Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (GI)
385Pharmacological Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis (Rheumatology)
386Physician - Reference - FM Teaching Opportunities - 2019-02-28
387Polymyalgia Rheumatica (Rheumatology)
388Polymyalgia Rheumatica (Rheumatology)
389Praxis Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (FM MHL)
390Preineal Laceration Video Links
391Prevalence Of Abuse And Intimate Partner Violence Surgical Evaluation (PRAISE) In Orthopaedic Fracture Clinics (2013)
392Primary Care Psychiatry (FM MHL)
393Problem Solving (FM MHL)
394Procedural Skills - Information for Residents
395Procedural Skills - Resident Resource for Procedural Skills I and II
396Procedural Skills EPAs (2017_10_27)
397Procedures Competencies (2017_10_26)
398Progress Review FAQ Competency Coaches - 2019-10-07
399Progress Review FAQ Competency for Resident - 2019-10-07
400Progress Review Instructions -2019-10-04
401Progressive Muscle Relaxation (FM MHL)
402Psoriatic Arthritis (Rheumatology)
403Psoriatic Arthritis Management (Rheumatology)
404Psychiatric Medications - Quick Reference (FM MHL)
405Psychiatry Rounds (2015_09_08)
406Public Health Postpartum Clinic (Additional Information)
407Public Health Postpartum Clinic Information
408Punch Biopsy Of The Skin (Dermatology)
409R1 QI Worksheets - Fillable 2019
410R2 Conference Attendance Policy (Calgary)
411R2 QI LOI Template
412R2 Research Proposals_Nov2018
413R2 SR Proposals_2018
414Reduce Benzodiazepine Medication (FM MHL)
415Repair of Perineal Lacerations
416Repair of Perineal Lacerations
417Res ACH Peds Objectives
418Research Handbook 2018-10-12
419Research Leave Requests Policy (Calgary)
420Resident QI Project Proposal Expectations
421Resident Safety Policy
422Resident Second QI Letter of Intent (LOI) Template
423Resident Self Evaluation Form (Rural)
424Resident Supervision Policy
425Resident Wellness Policy
426Resource FM Email Etiquette
427Resource FM Helpful Information
428Response to concerns raised about a Preceptor; Process with Algorithm
429RGH Resident Orientation
430Rhematoid Arthritis (Rheumatology)
431Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Guidelines (Rheumatology)
432RIME - Student Evaluation
433Rockyview Maternity Resident Orientation
434Rotation Definitions (Calgary) (May 2017)
435Rural - R1R2 - Reference - Mandatory Events Calendar - 2019-2020
436Rural Rotation Funding Procedure For Calgary R2s (September 2016)
437SAMPLE Progress Review Report 2019
438Schedule of Prenatal Care
439Schedule of Prenatal Care
440Scholarship Project Types
441SCPCN Maternity Clinic Guidelines
442SCT Information For Residents
443Sedative Hypnotic Medications (FM MHL)
444Self Reflection Sheet (PCCL)
445Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinics Letter (FM Adult)
446Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinics Outline (FM Adult)
447SHC GI First Day Information Package - April 2017
448SHC GI Outpatient Service Resident Guide for Residents - April 2017
449SHC Main Level Map_Jan2019
450SMCHC Wound Clinic Orientation Document 2019
451SNAPPS - Outpatient Education
452Sport Concussion Assessment Tool
453Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (Enhanced Skills - SEM)
454SR Handbook 2018-10-12
455Substance Related Disorders - ASAM Risk Rating Crosswalk (FM MHL)
456Suicide Prevention Home Safety Wallet Card
457Suicide Risk Assessment Working Group: Terminology
458Supportive Living
459Sweeping Membranes Module
460Sweeping Membranes Module
461The Glycemic Index (Endocrinology)
462The Prevention Conversion Handouts
463Trauma Informed Care Toolkit (2014)
464Treating the Chronic Wound (Dermatology)
465Treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Rheumatology)
466Triple C Curriculum Requirements (Calgary)
467Tuberculosis For Residents
468Understanding Elder Abuse in Family Practice (CFP 2012)
469Unhelpful Thinking Habits (FM MHL)
470Unhelpful Thinking Styles (FM MHL)
471Urgent Care Objectives
472USITE (JAMA unit Conversions)
473Video Recording Consent Form (PCCL)
474VUPS Competencies (2017_10_26)
475VUPS EPAs (2017_10_27)
476Waiver of Training Policy 2018-07-26
477When Your Baby Has Brachycephaly (February 2017)
478When Your Baby Has Plagiocephaly (Feburary 2017)